SKLED Car LED Headlights FAQ

SKLED Car LED Headlights FAQ


Q1. How is the penetration of rain and fog weather on SKLED Car LED Headlights?

SKLED car LED headlights use a warm white temperature of about 5500-6000K, and the penetration of rain and fog weather can meet the design requirements. The street lights of urban roads are white, which overlaps with our Car LED headlights, and the reflection of rain and groundwater will cause the performance of urban roads to be unserved. However, after our actual measurement and the reaction of the owners, the experience of using the country road is very good.

Q2. What is the warranty? If the lamp burns out, will you send new replacement ones or repair it?

The repair rate of SKLED Car LED headlights is about 0.5‰. The factory promises that new replacement ones will be sent if any broken lights within the one-year warranty.

Q3. LED was upgraded to some models of Volkswagen Sagitar, and the instrument panel fails. How to solve it?

Recently, a car of Sagitar often has LED failures, which can't be solved by installing an ordinary decoder. Usually, the Volkswagen diagnostic computer 5053 or 5054 is used to flash the computer. The results of the flash computer are divided into three categories: 1 brush coding failure, 2 brush channel, 3 You can't flash the computer, nor can you wipe it off. In view of the above problems, it needs a special decoder for Sagitar to match and solve. The modified LED of the Sagitar car is a common problem. The same problem with other brands. It also needs to use a dedicated decoder to match and solve.

Q4. Some German and American car models have been upgraded. The LED car just flashed a few times after the power was turned on, and the lights were turned on normally. What is the reason for no-fault lights?

BMW cars such as series2, series 3 series5, X1 and X3, Volkswagen models such as Passat, Sharan and other imported cars, after the modification of LED, the car will not turn on the headlights when it is powered on or driving, and the lights will flash continuously turn on the headlights, the lights are normally on, and the lights are normal when turned off. There is no fault light in the instrument panel when the lights are turned on, indicating that the test has passed. This is the self-test function of the BMW ECU. The original car H7 power 55W, LED power 30W The power does not match the original car. The ECU controls the components of the entire car. The light is only one of them. After the LED is modified, the headlights are turned on without failure, indicating that the self-test has passed. This is a normal phenomenon.

Q5. How about the focused effect of the original H4 model after upgrading the LED?

All H4 models have astigmatism, which is caused by the inadequate design of the original car headlight assembly. The original car lights do not look scattered. In fact, the brightness cannot be reached and cannot be distinguished. The brightness is increased by three times after upgrading the LED lights. Compared with the original car halogen lamp, the focused effect is slightly worse, but the overall focused effect is better than the xenon lamp and halogen lamp.

Q6. After upgrading the LED of some models, how to solve the problem that the brightness of the indicator light on the instrument panel is reduced?

Adjusting the lower end of the turn signal pole, there is an adjustment knob. When the headlights are turned on, the brightness of each display lamp in the room can be adjusted by rotating.

Q7. Some high-end models such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW have upgraded their LEDs. The instrument panel indicates that the airbag is faulty, and the fault light is on. How to solve it?

At present, SKLED Car LED Headlight didn't have a similar situation. If such a situation occurs, follow the steps below: Troubleshooting: 1. Fake failure, see if the battery runs out of electricity; 2. Whether the negative ground of LED is in bad contact; 3. After the other two faults are eliminated, turn off the original car, remove the battery negative clip for about 10 minutes, and then put the negative clip on the fire and see if the fault is eliminated.

Q8. If the driver module is put into the lamp, will the heat be great? Is there any risk of burning the assembly?

The headlight assembly is made of high-temperature resistant materials, the maximum temperature can withstand 200 degrees high temperature, the temperature of the SKLED Car LED Headlight driver module during normal operation is 60-80 degrees, far from the halogen lamp emits 120 degrees high temperature, which has no effect on the original car assembly, There is no hidden danger.

Q9. Why is the effect of dual-lens models not obvious after upgrading LEDs?

The lens is divided into a double lens and a single lens, the lens has a pair of opposite effects. (1) Focused: The main performance is that the owner sits in the car and looks at the road, the driver of the other party looks at the light without glare, and the visual disturbance to the other driver is minimized, which helps driving safety. (2) Filtering: Mainly in terms of OSRAM 35W and 4200K color temperature standards, the lumens are 3200LM, which is 3 times that of the original car halogen lamp. The original car is equipped with a xenon lamp with a lens (except for a few Japanese cars. The xenon lamp does not have a lens). The light emitted by the xenon lamp through the lens is only about twice that of the original halogen lamp, and about 30%-40% is filtered out, which is designed for the driving safety of the other party and humanized design.

Q10. After the car upgrades the LED, it drives the car at night in the urban area, why does it feel not bright enough?

Generally speaking, the city street lights are very bright, and the light emitted by the street lights is yellow, and the other lights on the ground are covered. In addition, the city prohibits turning on the high beam lights. In this case, even if the original car is equipped with xenon lights, LED or Xenon lamps or LEDs installed in the later period do not have much effect on urban roads, that is, the license plate number that shines in front is more obvious, but the LED effect is very good in the suburbs or rural trails.

Q11. H4 model does not change light?

H4 LED does not change the light in the following conditions: (1) The 2004 Civic imported from Turkey upgraded SKLED Car LED Headlights. After installation, a constant light appeared. The original car was modified and other wiring harnesses were added. After the other wiring harnesses were removed, the dimming was normal. (2) The PRADO is overbearing. After upgrading the SKLED Car LED Headlights, there is no change in light. The reason is that the owner installs a fog lamp harness connected to the low beam lamp, which causes the current to be too small to be dimmed. There are two solutions: one: put the original The fog lamp harness installed on the car is removed from the original car's low beam and connected to the battery's positive electrode and ACC insurance; two: the original car's low beam insurance can be solved from the original 10A to 15A to increase the current. (3) Because the LED circuit board design has a parameter range, it will not change the light when it is installed in the A car. It may be due to the parameter mismatch, but it can be dimmed on the B car. This is normal. There is no problem with the LED light.

Q12. The position of the H1 model is fixed, sometimes it is standing, sometimes it is inclined, and the position is fixed. How to solve the light dispersion?

The position of the H1 model is more than 98% of the standing position, and there are only a few models of the original car halogen lamp tilted (for example high beam: Fox, low beam: Hippocampal S5, etc.). The H1 cardholder should be fixed. The position of the cardholder is dead and cannot be loosened. If the H1 is installed, there is little astigmatism or the light type is too high and this is low. At this time, only need to pull out the LED, rotate 180 degrees, directly Just put it back and you're done.

Q13. Some models upgrade the SKLED Car LED Headlights, the drive module can not be put in, and the owner does not allow the back cover to be broken, how to solve it?

The headlight assembly has height adjustment and left and right adjustments. Generally speaking, it is adjusted to the left or right. Put the drive module into it, and then adjust it to the original position, which does not affect the adjustment.

Q14. How to solve the problem that some models are loose after being fixed to the headlight assembly after the card seat is fixed?

The probability of this kind of situation is very small, and it usually appears in Korean cars, but it is also very easy to solve. When the LED cardholder and the LED special base are fixed, there are two ways to fix it to the headlight assembly. : (1) The three fixed corners of the LED special base can be wrapped with insulating tape for two more times; (2) Putting the fixed LED and the LED base together and wrapping one or two rounds of insulating tape can also be solved.

Q15. After the LED is upgraded, the back cover is close to the LED and the fan is blocked, will it affect the heat dissipation?

In addition to the heat dissipation behind the LED fan, there are heat dissipation channels around the fan, and the aluminum alloy material assists heat dissipation, which has almost no effect on the LED heat dissipation.

Q16. Can the two shadows be eliminated after the dual light lens upgrade to the LED?

Double-lens lens models, even the original car halogen lamp also has a weak shadow, the modified xenon lamp will also appear the shadow of two black columns, LED upgrade can not avoid the shadow, but the shadow can be eliminated after rotation debugging, with lens upgrade LEDs, LEDs may not be the most focused when standing, as long as the low beam cutting line is very good, you can eliminate shadows.

Q17. How to solve the problem that the LED rear lights are not bright or not bright for some car models?

If such a situation occurs when a pair of LEDs are upgraded at the same time, it is a very small probability event. It is also possible to solve this problem. It can be solved by slightly increasing the fuse for controlling the original car lights.

Q18. After Ford Sharp Realm H15 upgrades the LED, the car does not turn on the light, how to solve it?

Solve the problem in three steps: (1) Remove the LED from the car, install the original car halogen lamp, and see if it is normally lit; (2) If the original car halogen lamp is normal, turn off the original car power, close the door, and then Install H15 once. (3) Do not turn on the car and turn on the lights after installation, and then turn on the lights to see if it is on and whether there is a fault.

Q19. What type of LED can replace the D2H xenon lamp?

D2H is not the standard D series xenon lamp of the original car. At present, there are only two types of D2H xenon lamps: (1)The original car was changed to the modified headlight assembly. The xenon lamp model is D2H; (2) The original car headlight assembly was changed. Double light lens, double light lens equipped with a D2H xenon lamp, D2H xenon lamp can be replaced with the SKLED Car LED Headlight H7 model.

Q20. Can the original car's high-end xenon lamp replace the LED?

Of course, use the D series SKLED Car LED Headlights.

Q21. The LED and xenon lamp, which one is brighter and has a longer service life?

Brightness: At present, most of the LED power is between 30-36w, the brightness is three times that of the original car halogen lamp, the standard power of the xenon lamp is 35w, calculated according to the OSRAM standard, 35W-4200K lumens is 3200LM, 35W —6000K lumens is 3800LM, the brightness is about 3 times of the halogen lamp, the brightness is similar, the high-power xenon lamp is slightly brighter. Service life: The service life of LED and xenon lamps is almost 2-3 years, taking a normal family used car as an example. Xenon lamps (except genuine Osram and Philips) generally have very serious light decay, which is usually manifested in 3-5 months. LED light decay is relatively slow.

Q22. The lamp holder and lamp of Golf 7 low beam, Sharan low beam, etc. be integrated, can be upgraded to SKLED Car LED Headlight?

It can be upgraded, but requires a dedicated base.

Q23. How to clear the faulty for some car models after upgraded to SKLED Car LED Headlights?

(1) 95% of car models do not require decoding. (2) Some car models need to be decoded. Generally speaking, a general-purpose decoder can be used. Some car models, such as Sagitar or Jeep JEEP car models, can be obtained with a dedicated decoder. (3) Ordinary decoders and special decoders for some vehicles can not be solved, you can use a dedicated diagnostic computer such as, Volkswagen diagnostic computer 5053 or 5054, Ford IDS, Mercedes-Benz Xentry, brush code or channel can be solved. Ordinary diagnostic computers such as X431 and other general car models can be done, but high-end cars are not necessarily done.

Q24: Some car models have a slightly misaligned lamp port, but the misalignment angle is not large. Can I change to SKLED Car LED Headlights? How to install it? For example, Car Mazda 6 high beam H1?

Experienced lighting refit masters are easy to get on the original car. Generally, those who haven't done it before will find it impossible to solve. This car can also be solved. It is recommended to disassemble the assembly, find the left and right adjustments in the assembly, and adjust it to the left. Or on the far right, install the SKLED Car LED Headlights in the correct position, and then turn it back, it is OK.

Q25. How to fix the 2012-2016 new Mondeo cars' card seat and base?

First pull out the base of the original car, that is, the square iron piece, and fix it with the special line of the new Mondeo SKLED Car LED Headlights. Secondly, fix the base fixed together to the light port, and finally install the LED light. The 17 Mondeo low beam H7 is a bit misplaced, but it can also be installed. The steps are as follows: first, pull out the original car low beam clip, then install the SKLED LED lights together (the cardholder and the lamp are not separated together), and then the cardholder and The LED lamp body is separated, but not completely separated, then install the original car clip to fix the LED snap ring. After the position is fixed, install the SKLED Car LED Headlights directly and it is OK.

Q26: Customers have recently reported that after large trucks, taxis, and Didi cars have upgraded their LEDs, it didn’t take long for the light to decline. Why?

There are three types of cars that are best not to install LED Lights: 1. Taxi; 2. Didi cars ; 3. Truck. The reason is that these three types of cars often use cars to turn on the lights at night. Taxi and trucks generally use lights for about 12 hours, and Didi cars take about 8-10 hours, far exceeding the time for family cars, exceeding the lights. The use limit will greatly shorten the service life of LED! Even if the xenon lamp is replaced, the light attenuation will reach 40-60% after 1-2 months. The lifespan of the xenon lamp is generally about 3 months. Taking a taxi as an example, the original car halogen lamp needs to be replaced about 3 times a month. Brake bulb 6-8 times, xenon lamp is about 3 months! June-August is hot in summer, the weather is very hot and the outdoor temperature is very high, plus the temperature in the engine compartment, up to 100-120 degrees. The lifespan is not a quality problem of LED. It is caused by the use of lights that exceed the limit every time the above three types of cars! generally, household cars upgrade LED lights, its lifespan is for 2-3 years normally!

Q27. After Car Maruibao upgrades the Car LED Headlights, what is the reason that the indicator light of the instrument panel is low or not bright?

There is an adjustment knob for adjusting the lower end of the turn signal pole. When turning on the headlights, you can adjust the brightness of the display lights in the room.

Q28. Volvo XC60 upgrade Car LED Headlights, the instrument panel lights prompt failure, how to solve it?

The troubleshooting is divided into three steps, 1. Whether there is any looseness at the grounding point of the interface, if there is a loose light, there will be a fault light prompt even if it is on. 2. Add a decoder. The decoder also has positive and negative poles for some car models. If the decoder is reversed, the decoding will not work. A special decoder can also solve this type of failure. 3. Neither of the above two steps can be solved. You can also easily fix the code and channel with the Volvo special diagnostic computer.

Q29. Why do the positive and negative LEDs of some car models do not light up or burn fuses?

In some car models, the positive and negative poles of the Car LED Headlights to have to be connected in reverse with the positive and negative poles of the original car, and the Car LED Headlight is only on. The xenon lamp has also encountered similar problems before and belongs to very few car models. When this problem is encountered in the future, it can be solved in reverse. The fuses will burn, usually the short circuit of the positive and negative electrodes (that is, the grounding together), which has no effect on the original car circuit and the LED. Remember: The original car halogen lamp has no distinction between positive and negative.

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