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Low Beams Vs High Beams: When to Use These Headlights

Low Beams Vs High Beams: When to Use These Headlights


Low Beams Vs High Beams: What's the difference?

The main difference between low beams vs high beams is that the former is the default setting in cars used for normal car lighting. While high beams are used when the roads have little to no light such as rural roads and areas.

Most drivers often question low beams vs high beams. In this article, we will talk about the usage, functionality, and differences between the headlamps. Let’s get into it.

When To Use High Beam Headlights?

This depends upon several factors such as the weather condition, the area where you are driving, and the darkness in the area. However, there are certain conditions when you should use high-beam headlights and they are as follows.

Low Visibility Areas/ Rural Areas

If you are driving on a deserted road or where there are dim lights then using high-beam headlights is a great option. Sometimes, in urban areas, the state or the laws command to dim the headlights in the range of 300 feet to 1000 feet for the oncoming traffic.

It is better to slow down the vehicle and check the oncoming traffic while you turn on the high-beam headlights because they can be a safety hazard for the traffic as well.

Interstate highways

The interstate highways have usually poor lighting and they are roads with high stretches. With that being said, it is better to turn on the high-beam headlights as the direction of their light is straightforward. This would help you to see the road clearly from a far distance.

However, if you see oncoming traffic, it is better to switch to the low beam headlights for your safety along with the other drivers.

Rural Areas or Country Roads with Less Lighting

Most of the time, rural areas or roads with less lighting can be dangerous paths. Therefore, switching on the high-beam headlights would be the right choice. Due to the few and far between lighting on the road, the risk of accidents increases.

When not to use high-beam headlights?

You should never use high-beam headlights when the weather conditions are extreme such as foggy, raining, or snowing. The direction of the high-beam headlights is straight and during rain, fog, or snow they permeate through and reflect into your eyes that produce a glare. During snowflakes ice, crystals, or snowstorms reflect even much more. Therefore, using low-beam headlights is a good option.

To understand better about the low beam vs high beams headlight working in fog, here is a picture for you:

LED Headlights

High Beam vs Low Beam Symbol

To check if the high beam is on or not, check your car’s dashboard. The high beam headlight symbol is having the straight lights rays with the bulb pointing straight. Here is the image for you to understand better.

High Beam Headlight Symbol
High Beam Headlight Symbol

The low beam symbol shows the light rays falling downwards on the road, unlike high beam headlights. They are inclined towards the slanting and downward position. Here is the image for you to understand better.

Low Beam Headlight Symbol
Low Beam Headlight Symbol

When to Use Low Beam Headlights?

The usage of low-beam headlights depends on the factors like traffic, the amount of light on the roads, and weather conditions. It is always the best choice to use low-beam headlights especially when you are on a crowded road or where you see oncoming traffic.

Having low-beam headlights will save you and help the oncoming traffic to see clearly on the road without producing any glare in their eyes.

The advantage of the low beam headlights is that they keep you safe from any accidents that could occur due to high-beam headlights. Therefore, keeping them on default would be a great choice.

Use Low-beam Headlights in Extreme Weather conditions

It is better to use the low beam headlights in snow, rain, and foggy weather. When the direction of the headlights is downward on the road, it provides better vision and does not produce any glare. Therefore, to drive safely, you should always use low-beam headlights and not high-beam headlights.

Low Beams vs High Beams Headlights: What is the Difference?

Many factors describe the difference between low-beam vs high-beam headlights.

ParametersLow BeamHigh Beam
VisibilityAround 40 metersAround 100 meters
ApplicationNormal Night timeDeserted areas/areas with less light


Low beam headlights have low to moderate brightness as the visibility is only for 40-50 meters. Whereas the brightness of the high-beam headlights is high as they have to cover long distances on the road.

Field of View

The field of view for the low-beam headlights is wider as compared to the high-beam headlights. As the purpose of using high-beam headlights is to cover more distance and have a clear vision for far areas therefore the field view of the high-beam headlights is narrow.

Side Road Illumination

While a low beam illuminates in an asymmetrical pattern, a high beam offers symmetrical illumination. You can see what is ahead both in terms of straight distant space and in terms of side space thanks to symmetrical illumination. Due to the diffused nature of the low beam, the sides are less light than what is in the front.

Why does your low beam not function when your high beam does, and vice versa?

Your low beam may occasionally fail while the high beam continues to function. The situation might change. Here are some explanations as to why this might be taking place.

  • Corrosion has resulted in damage to the headlight socket.
  • Wiring for the headlights has some flaws. It is possible that the headlight switch was damaged.
  • The headlight might have become outdated.
  • It's possible that the fuse or relay was destroyed.

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Final Words

The use of low-beam headlights vs high-beam headlights is important to know so that you can drive safely without causing any hazardous accidents for you and the oncoming traffic. Not only that, but the quality of the LED headlights of your car matters a lot. It is important to use those headlights that have a better throw and quality as compared to halogen with a longer lifespan.

With that being said, if you are looking for the best quality LED headlights, contact us now.

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