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What is Plug and Play LED Lighting?

What is Plug and Play LED Lighting?


For many areas, retrofitting makes a lot of sense. Your old build may still be serviceable for its intended industrial usage, but the lighting fixtures need to be updated for cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and safety concerns. But what if the fixtures are in good condition but the new lights do not work with them? Do they run the risk of being unable to reduce their energy and bill costs? Plug-and-play LED lighting is useful in this situation.

So if you're looking to improve your lighting without much cost then read this blog to get more insights about plug-and-play LED lighting.

What is Plug and Play LED lighting?

These are LED lights and tubes that can be placed in your current fluorescent and metal halide fixtures without requiring any wiring changes. The LED bulb features a built-in driver that is self-contained and intended to be powered by the existing ballast. Unquestionably, plug-and-plays are the quickest transition from conventional lighting to LED.

What distinguishes Ballast Bypass from Plug and Play LED?

Ballast bypass is the process of changing the lighting fixture so that the ballast is no longer required. It is possible to use the direct line of electricity and power the bulb directly in, bypassing the ballast and allowing for more precise control of the current.

For some, this is a fantastic alternative because it guarantees that the ballast won't ever let you down because it's never required. Due to something known as the "ballast factor," it might also result in financial savings. In some systems, the ballast may lose some energy at this point before it reaches the bulb.

The savings you achieve with LED lighting, however, will more than offset any losses caused by the ballast factor. A ballast bypass also has a lot of disadvantages.

The first fees may start to add up right away. An electrician with the appropriate certification is required to complete the ballasting process. This may not always be a simple or quick task, depending on the caliber of the fixtures and their wiring.

Additionally, you might need to replace the sockets, which can be expensive and ineffective. It's possible that not all LED light bulbs will function after the ballast bypass has been performed. This is due to the fact that there is now no industry standard for the bypass, thus different bulbs might not function with the wiring of various fixtures.

Retrofitting is a much better method than bypass ballast because of this. Although it may cost a bit more upfront, the results will be better for you in the long and short terms.

What Makes Plug and Play the Best?

Many lighting systems require retrofitting, especially in older structures. However, plug-and-play LED lighting is so far the best alternative.

A plug-and-play straight replacement for T8 and T12 fluorescent bulbs is the OEO EZ LED T8. It does not require bypassing or retrofitting; it just fits into the fixture. The only major drawback is a somewhat higher initial cost, but since it won't need to be installed by an electrician.

They plug in and operate directly off of the power line, saving you money and energy right away. We have concentrated on the drawbacks of ballast bypass to demonstrate why plug-and-play is preferable because it addresses these issues. If strip lighting is not what you need, we also have our LED OMNI as a replacement for metal halides.

Disadvantages of Plug and Play LED lighting

Life and Heat

A cone- or clam-shell-shaped fixture, which does not have proper ventilation accepts metal halide bulbs by screwing them in. The HID ballast cannot power LED chips directly. An electronic driver must change the electrical output of the ballast into a controlled DC current to power LED chips.

The base of the LED corn bulb, the hotspot in the fixture, is the only place to install this driver. There is nowhere else for the heat produced by the driver and the LED chips to go but up to the top of the fixture, where it gets trapped. It is advised to avoid using LED corn bulbs in fixtures that will be subject to dust and are challenging to maintain. The deeply ribbed heat sink behind the LED chips makes them tough to clean because it is up inside the HID lamp.

Distribution of Light

Another tradeoff made by plug-and-play LED bulbs is the distribution of light. The fixture's design will determine how serious of a problem this is. The light emanates from LEDs positioned evenly spaced 360 degrees around the barrel in the corn bulb shape, which resembles an ear of corn. The identical issue arises with metal halide lights. Most of the light is not shining in the desired direction. While the fixture reflector will make an effort, the effectiveness is low. For LED corn bulbs, it is considerably worse because the reflection of light is unable to flow through the bulb and is instead remains inside it.

Plug-and-play bulbs frequently have a high level of glare, depending on the fixture design. Glare is light that shines directly into your eyes rather than onto the surfaces you are using for observation and work. High glare in a parking lot gives the impression that the lighting is bright, but if you take a nighttime drone image from above, you will find that the parking lots' surfaces are actually black.

A quality LED fixture will provide a variety of beam angle choices so that the light focuses as per need. In order for you to be aware of the new light levels throughout your facility prior to the upgrade, Big Shine Energy offers a comprehensive photometric plan.

D2S D2R D4S D4R Led Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit

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It gives wide beam coverage, longer lighting distance, and no lighting Black spots.

Top-Notch Heat Dissipation Design

We use aviation heat-dissipation aluminum material and the bulb is hollow out. With a built-in silent high-speed turbo fan, it commits to achieving the ultimate heat dissipation effect and ensuring the bulb life is as long as 30,000 hours.

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IP65 waterproof level, to ensure the absolute safety of the driver on rainy days.

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Final words

Ballast bypass is a long process of changing lights in your building. But plug-and-play LED lighting is an easy way as it does not requires extra labor or complex electrical knowledge. However, plug-and-play LED lighting has a disadvantage, it scatters at an angle of 360 degrees. So, if you need a light that points in a certain direction then you will need to look for other lighting options.

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