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6 Things To Better Understand Yellow and White Headlights for Your Car?

6 Things To Better Understand Yellow and White Headlights for Your Car?


Which color is preferable for headlights, yellow or white? This is a question that drivers have been posing for years. Some motorists may insist that the only way to see in bad weather is with yellow lights/headlights, while others will counter that white lights are preferable since they are brighter.

We'll examine the advantages and disadvantages of both yellow and white headlights in this post to help you decide which is safer to use when driving. If you read it carefully then you can easily decide the best headlight for your car.

How do LED lights change color shades?

The Kelvin degree scale is used to specify the color of the LED headlights. The more yellow the light is, the lower the Kelvin value is, usually between 2700K and 3000K. A factory-installed car light typically ranges from 2800K to 3000K. Whereas the Kelvin scale goes from 3500K to 4100K for white. Super White comes in tones ranging from 4300K to 8500K. 

Yellow lights/headlights: The oldest LED headlights bulbs

They were the first automobile lights, which are still in use.  For a very long time all headlights had a yellowish tinge for many years; it is still present in many automobiles today.

Initial research revealed that yellow headlights interfered less with the vision of cars approaching from the other side, making them a safer hue. Compared to white or blue light, yellow light is also better at cutting through rain, fog, and mist.

The yellow lights/headlights, however, lost favor as headlights. As yellow light makes it more challenging to see on clear days, but it helps vision in damp or foggy circumstances. This is why yellow light is considered the best LED headlight.

Here are some technical details about yellow lights.


The yellow LED light, as its name suggests, becomes yellow when activated. This type of LED light is likely the most well-known, and because human vision is more tolerant of yellow lights, many people gravitate toward them. It improves a car's visual appeal and may be activated by users to make a statement.


Yellow lights/headlights lessen glare for oncoming traffic. This is especially important when it's raining, snowing, foggy, or whenever there is water in the air reflecting light in your direction. Because of this, yellow light used to be more prevalent.


The larger wavelength of the yellow light allows it to illuminate the path in front of it at a farther distance.


Yellow lights do not produce much glare.

Why is yellow light preferred for LED headlights?

contact is simple for the eye. Whether focused on oncoming traffic or the road, human eyes will, in ideal circumstances, delight the yellow light. Due to how much easier it is to see, it guarantees safety.

Yellow LED lights can effectively cut through a variety of obstructive environmental situations. When you are driving in an unknown place, it is beneficial for your depth perception.

Additionally, it will increase the beauty of your car.

Is there any drawback with Yellow lights/headlights?

One major drawback of the yellow led headlight is that sometimes it is not bright enough for certain situations, this disadvantage can lead to fatal damages. So if you don’t need bright light then yellow light is your best headlight.

White lights/headlights: The new norm

White light is advantageous for a variety of reasons. First the aesthetics, many people search for them to give the automobile a unique look. But it also serves performance purposes.

H13 LED bulbs produce a whiter light that mimics sunshine and enhances visibility. Additionally, the filters used to produce selective yellow light reduce the headlights' brightness. White light is brighter because it is not filtered.

Here are some interesting facts about white light.


The fact that white lights/headlights seem white but still almost has a little blue tint, which is a fundamental aspect of this light. It is well-liked by many automobile owners since it makes things simpler.


Because white light is brighter than the yellow one, the white LED light illuminates the street more effectively.


When it comes to distance the white light is less effective than the yellow one because of its shorter wavelength, which causes it to refract or bounce away.


white lights/headlights can produce more glare as compared with yellow LED light.

Why do drivers prefer white LED headlights?

The simplicity that the white light gives is something that many car owners value. Drivers prefer to use it as a regular car light since it is flexible. It is really dazzling and has a powerful illuminating effect in dark areas.

Beware of these cons of white lights

White lights/headlights may be overly bright, which would be harmful to human vision. Such brightness may make driving difficult.

Due to its low frequency, refraction poses a risk, increasing the likelihood of glares.

Frequently asked questions

What does a yellow headlight mean?

A yellow headlight is a light that produces light between the intensity of 27000K to 3000K. This intensity is best for human eyes since it matches the light of the sun at the time of dawn and dusk.

What are yellow headlights used for?

Most of the vehicles have yellow headlights. However, the same kind of technology is used for street lights since yellow is best suited for human sight.

What is the difference between yellow and white lights?

For a variety of reasons, white lights/headlights are preferable. For instance, visibility is enhanced by a whiter light that looks like sunshine. Also White light is brighter because it is unfiltered.

However, early research revealed that yellow headlights were safer since they were less distracting to other drivers. In addition, yellow light penetrates fog, snow, and rain more effectively than white or blue light.

Which light is better for eyes, yellow or white?

The yellow light has a greater calming impact on the eyes since it includes less blue light. It is well known that cool hues may make it difficult to fall asleep. In that situation, exposure to cold white light indoors may worsen sleep quality and lengthen the wake-to-sleep interval.

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Final words

White headlight or yellow headlights is entirely your choice. However, white LED headlight bulbs are preferred as they are cooler and brighter compared to warmer or yellow LED headlight bulbs.

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