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Spirit of cooperation at SKLED

Branded Components For Stable Quality

Our reliable, excellent, prestigious suppliers are the core element of SKLED's competitiveness.

Having a long-lasting partnership with suppliers like Cree, Osram, Bridgelux, Seoul LED, etc., we ensure the quality of our LED headlight bulb is superior.

Besides, the process of selecting suppliers is sophisticated and strict. The quality of raw materials, on-time delivery, and honesty are all we concern about.

recording the headlight products information

Continuous Innovation For Better performance

Committed to improve the drivers' visibility and safety when they are driving in the dark with our excellent LED headlight bulbs, SKLED's R&D department never stops developing and producing the new products with better performance and higher quality.

Research on the innovative design of LED headlight bulbs
Research on new light sources which provide a better lighting performance
Research on faster heat dissipation

Load testing to the LED headlight bulb
Lighting testing to the LED headlight bulb

Incoming Inspection

To guarantee premium quality and normal functioning, every part of our LED headlight bulb will go through strict QC processes before sending it to production.

Lighting testing
Load testing
Driver testing

Lighting testing to the LED headlight bulb
Dust and water resistance test to the LED headlight bulb
High and low temperature test to the LED headlight bulb
testing to the LED headlight bulb

Environmental Testing

Dust and water resistance test
In this test, we will put our LED headlight bulbs into the dust chamber and the dripping box to test their dustproof and waterproof capability.

High and low-temperature test
It tests the tolerance of products under extreme weather and environment. (−40℃~+85℃)

Data testing and Record for SKLED headlights
Data testing and Record for SKLED headlights

Regular Inspection Before Shipment

Aging testing
The aging test is a vital part contributing to excellent quality and reducing the failure rate of led lighting products. In this stage, our LED headlight bulbs will be tested under different conditions on the aging rack.

Data testing and Record
We collect and double-check the data of the light bulbs before shipment.

SKLED Certifications

In SKLED Tech, quality is not optional, it is a standard for us.

All of our products meet CE and ROHS standards, which ensures you can sell to your market with no obstacles.

CE and ROHS Certifications for SKLED headlights

Our Warranty

A 12-18-month guarantee of finished products free of defects in material and workmanship.

During the warranty period, if there are any quality issues in our bulbs, we will replace it with a new one without any charge.

When you install LED headlights into your car and have any of the following issues, you may need a load resistor or a LED decoder. It is not the quality problem of LED bulbs.

1.Bulb flashing when turned on.

2.Headlight error displayed.

3.Bulbs stay illuminated after they are turned off.

4.Abnormally dim light output.