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How to Adjust LED Headlights bulbs in your car?

How to Adjust LED Headlights bulbs in your car?


Having properly functioning lights on our cars is very important for both the driver and other road users. However, most people are unaware of why, when, and how to adjust LED headlights. Misaligned lights can be dangerous for the driver as seeing the road ahead is very important. But it can also be a safety issue for other road users as misaligned lights shine right into the oncoming traffic and distort the vision of other drivers.

That's why adjusting LED lights including side and taillights, direction indicators, fog lights (front and rear), headlights (main and dipped beams), a rear number plate light, daytime running lights (DLR), hazard warning lights, reversing lights and long-range driving lights is very crucial. 

If you are wondering how to adjust the LED headlight bulbs in your car at home, then this blog is all that you need.

How to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to adjust the LED Headlights of your car.

What Exactly Does Adjusting Your LED Headlights Mean?

The bumps and bangs that come on the road all the time with daily driving can misalign your headlights by causing them to deviate from the proper alignment that helps you see the road in low-light conditions. Whenever this happens, you need to adjust LED headlights, which in modern cars are separated from the vehicle’s body and are attached with the help of adjustment screws.

These adjustment screws allow the horizontal and vertical movements of the headlight units, which you can easily adjust by using a fixed point on a wall, adjustment screws, and some simple steps.

Do All Headlights Need to be Adjusted?

Yes, at some point, almost all the headlights need adjustment regardless of the technology behind them. Even the self-adaptive and self-leveling headlights can also end up wandering away from the proper alignment. Although the adjustment procedure might be different for cars with self-adjustment features or modern LED units, there will still come a time when even the most advanced headlights will need a proper adjustment.

 How to Determine If Our Headlights Need Adjustment?

The most efficient way to know whether your LED headlights need adjustment is by seeing if other drivers are constantly flashing or honking at you. However, you can also determine this without annoying other people on the road, by simply looking at the road ahead of you.

If both your LED headlights are aimed at the road ahead of you then they don't need adjustment. However, if your headlights instead of illuminating the road ahead of you are flashing lights onto every other house that you pass or are aimed too low, too high, or to one side then it's the prime time to adjust them.

You can also know this by checking your owner’s manual for the precise distance required to check your headlight’s alignment. According to the manual, your headlights’ center point should be centimeters lower for every meter your car moves from the starting point. If this isn't the case, then your headlights need proper adjustment.

How to Check If Your Headlights Are Working?

The most feasible way of checking if your headlights are working properly or not is by turning on the engine and leaving the handbrake on. After turning each light on, walk around your car and visually check every light carefully.

The Basics of Adjusting Your Headlights

The following are the basic steps that you need to follow for the adjustment of your LED headlights.

Headlight Adjustment Safety

It is essential to take this job seriously and to make sure that you are doing it right as by doing this you are not only ensuring the safety of your own life but are also reducing the risks of blinding or distracting others from your bright flashlights.

If you are sure that your headlights are misaligned and need to be adjusted then try to adjust them as soon as possible. If you are unable to do this job yourself, then take your car to the workshop without ignoring this issue.

To adjust the LED headlights of your car try to choose a safe spot where there is no traffic around as during this process you'll have to move your car as well as have to move in and out of your car.

Be sure to wear mechanic gloves and safety glasses as your face and hands would likely be in and around your engine bay.

Tools Required to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs

  • Tape Measure
  • Socket Set (optional for some cars)
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Tape

Vehicle’s Preparation

If you are a person who just loves to keep things such as heavy metals or tools, or clothes in the trunk of their car, then first of all you should get all those things out of the trunk so that the stance of the car is as level as possible.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that some cars have an interior system for the adjustment of the headlights. If your car has a separate interior adjustment system, then make sure that it’s in a middle or neutral setting for the proper alignment and aiming of the lights.

Park Your Vehicle in-front of the Target Wall

You can perform this test in your garage, in front of any solid wall, or on surfaces that have light colors so that the light of the headlights doesn't spread on the wall. Also, park your car on a leveled surface, 10-15 feet away from the door or wall. Parking your car on a hill or bumpy surfaces won't serve the purpose.

How to Aim Headlights

Turn on your headlights without activating the fog lights or high beam lights for this test. Form a cross at the center of each headlight with the help of tape.

Note: it's normal for the driver’s side headlight to be slightly lower than the other one, as it is done to avoid the shining of the lights onto the oncoming traffic.

Take your Vehicle Away from the Wall

At this moment, your eyeball measurements are not going to be perfect and are going to yield poor results. Use your measuring tape to distance your car 25 cm away from the wall.

  • After backing up your car, turn off your headlights and engine.
  • Before following the next step, ensure the hood is secured in an upright position.
  • The headlight enclosures should be located at the front of the engine compartment.
  •  Take off any trim components that are hiding the headlamp assemblies. 
  • For instructions, make sure you consult the maintenance manual that came with your car.
  • The headlamp casing should include adjustment screws on the top and sides, one for vertical positioning and the other for horizontal positioning.

 Adjust the LED Headlight Bulbs of your Car Accordingly

  • While focusing on the adjustment of one light, try to cover the other light with a solid sheet. You can also ask your friend to sit inside the car to turn on and off the headlights while you are adjusting them for the right aim.
  • Observe the location of the light on the wall in front of you. As you turn the top screw change the vertical position. The most intense portion of the light should be vertically aligned with the horizontal tape line you put on the wall.
  • Try to move the beam such that it is parallel to the vertical tape line you established as you modify the horizontal position.

Go for a Test Drive

After adjusting your headlights, go for a test drive in a non-threatening environment. Drive slowly, and try to check your headlights carefully. If one or both of the headlights are out of alignment, then repeat the process.

Now you have read the full guide on how to adjust LED headlights for your car. Contact us now to adjust your LED headlights seamlessly.


Q: On a low beam, how far should my headlights shine?

A: According to NHTSA, 160 feet is the maximum distance by which the LED headlights should make a vision clear.

Q: What is the Radiance of High Beams?

A: High beams have a reach of between 300 and 400 feet, which is significantly greater than low beams. Again, depending on the features of your car, your headlights might work better or worse.

Q: How high should you aim your headlights?

A: Use a tape measure to determine the distance from the ground to the center of the light beam. Make sure your automobile is parked 25 feet from the wall you’re using to align them. Then calculate the distance between the center of your headlight unit and the ground. The region that is lit needs to be at least slightly lower in height than the headlight assembly. Some cars come equipped with a handy built-in level to see the position without parking and taking measurements.

Q: I have dim headlights. Can I do anything to make them function properly?

A: Several things could be going on if your headlights are dim. Depending on the type of light, you can have a failing bulb or lighting unit that has to be fixed or replaced. Your battery or alternator may be malfunctioning and not providing each bulb with the appropriate amount of electricity. Or perhaps your headlight lens is just soiled or hazy. The plastic used in headlight housings might tarnish, yellow, or seem foggy as cars get broken. A straightforward headlight restoration kit will help you clean it up.

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