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Do you know the basic knowledge of car led headlights?

Do you know the basic knowledge of car led headlights?


Today, let’s talk about a little common sense is about the voltage problem of cars. The main reason is that some customers have recently measured the voltage of vehicles, and the results are different from the actual ones.

What is the voltage of LED car lights?

Usually, we all know that there is a battery in the car, and the standing voltage of the car is a 12v battery.

What is the concept of a 12v battery?

The common sense of physics is that voltages within 36v are all low voltages. Voltages within this range will not be able to power you. That is to say, your operation and handling of current problems will not cause electric shock.however, in actual use, the voltage of 12v is very small.why this happens is that the current in the car actually changes, even if it is what we call DC, its equilibrium state will fluctuate slightly.

So in which range will the voltage on the car fall?

Usually between 9-16v, one of our careful customers installed all our car lights (lights matching the car), there are 11 in total. He carefully measured the current changes in different parts of different time periods and found that when the car did not start the engine, some of the voltage was 12.8v, and some were 14.6v. When the engine was started, the current became 13v, 12v. ,16v, there are also 9.8v. He said, I use the same battery here, and there are so many voltages, and the voltages on the left and right sides of a car light bulb are different. Will it affect the trip computer? The first thing to be sure is that these lights are OK and will not affect the trip computer.

Then we first understand a problem, usually when we understand some electronic products, we basically talk about a power problem. Only say a rated voltage, or rated current. For example, for a product with 24w power at the same time, your voltage may normally be 12v when the battery is powered, and the current is 2A. If you start the engine, the voltage may instantly become 16v, and the current will drop to 1.5A. The product has a constant power, so the current and voltage can be changed at any time to ensure its operation. Therefore, the voltage and current changes must be normal.

What is the driver of LED lights used for?

Yes, today I will introduce you to this thing to drive.

For many people, especially customers who have replaced xenon lamps, it is obvious that they know a name called ballast.

Yes, this name came because of his special role. The ballast of the xenon lamp can directly boost the voltage of 12v to the voltage of 23000v in an instant, thereby prompting the current to break down the xenon atoms, so that it explodes and forms a bright light.

So many customers have given us many names for our drivers, such as voltage regulators, ballasts, and ballasts, and these basically have a little knowledge of electricity, so they have different titles, then Our scientific name is called drive.because most of the cars are generally direct current, our driving function is to stabilize the current and make it stable. Usually we generally say that the voltage and current are controlled by him.

In fact, the main core position of the internal components of the driver is the circuit board. The reason why we can let him achieve stable power and achieve normal work when the current and voltage are unstable is the circuit board.

We can see many circuit trends on the circuit board, as well as electronic components such as capacitors, resistors, heat sinks and so on. This composition directly controls the effect of the stabilized temperature flow.

Of course, we also see a part of the drive, which alone shows that it has other functions. What is it?

It can do the decoding function, which is the so-called built-in decoding function. This is mainly because the core part of it has added corresponding decoding equipment, which can effectively make the trip computer determine that the current and voltage of the lights are within its control range, and ensure normal power supply.

There is another, it will show that this product also has anti-interference function. This function may not be noticed by many customers, and there is no concept of whether there is this function or not. We use EMC for the term anti-interference function. This function is anti-electronic interference. What are the manifestations of electromagnetic interference? One obvious thing is that your radio has a prickling sound, or your reversing radar has a malfunction light, or your phone cannot be heard after Bluetooth is connected. To the sound. These are a function of EMC, which can reduce various acoustic interference caused by electromagnetic interference.

Hope that sharing the basic knowledge of car lights can help you.

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