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How to buy it correctly when halogen car headlight modified to LED car headlight?

How to buy it correctly when halogen car headlight modified to LED car headlight?


Regardless of the pre-installation market or the post-installation market, the LED headlights trend of the car has changed significantly.

At present, the LED headlights in the automobile modification market are mixed to pass off fish eyes for pearls, and the "four virtual" phenomena are prominent: virtual standard power, virtual standard luminous flux, virtual standard lifespan, and fictitious light type. Consumers have no way to buy really good products. We have researched many years and have shown that a really good LED headlight must have the following points.

Point one, Long life. 

The characteristic of the LED lamp is its long lifespan, but the heat dissipation design requirements are very high. The lamp lumen maintenance rate of about 90% is required to ensure a life of 50,000 hours, which means that the P/N junction temperature of the LED during operation is controlled at about 85°C through a good heat dissipation design. In the case of a good heat transfer design of the lamp cap, it can only be achieved by adopting the active cooling method of the fan. At present, the life of the double ball-bearing fan imported from Japan has the longest life. Those products with a thermal stability coefficient of less than 90% on the market say that they have 50,000 hours of life, and they are deceiving themselves.

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Point two, The shape of the LED lamp beads at the light-emitting point (surface) and the length and thickness of the tungsten wire of the halogen headlight should be as consistent as possible.

Because the modified halogen lamp must match the reflector bowl of the halogen lamp, the LED light source must be at the focus of the reflector bowl of the original car, the bulb efficiency will be high, the light will not be scattered, and the high beam lamp will shine particularly far (120 meters) the above). For products with a large LED chip emitting area, the light scattering will be very serious and can only be installed in the lens, otherwise it will cause glare to the opposite car.

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Point three, The LED chip quality should be good, the light color consistency is strong.

The color temperature 5500K is the best. The luminous flux of a single bulb is more reliable in 2000-3000 lm (more than this value is bragging). In short, from a professional point of view, the light intensity of LED bulbs should be as high as 80,000cd (most of the products on the market are currently only 20,000-60000cd), and the thermal stability coefficient should reach about 90% (most of the products on the market are only 55-75%) ).

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