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Top 9 Misunderstandings of Consumers Buying Automotive LED Headlights in the Refit Market

Top 9 Misunderstandings of Consumers Buying Automotive LED Headlights in the Refit Market

Misunderstanding 1

Are LED lights brighter than xenon lights?

In recent years, with the rapid development of semiconductor technology, the luminous intensity of LED chips has been greatly improved, and the brightness of modified LED headlights and xenon lamps with good quality in the market has been very close.

Misunderstanding 2

Are LED headlights the more powerful the better?

Not really 100%, one of the most powerful LED bulbs in the market is mostly virtual standard power; the second is that the light-emitting surface of the high-power bulb chip is bound to increase, the optical center must be out of focus, the astigmatism is large, and the car does not follow the road; It is very difficult for the large LED bulb to dissipate heat in the small space of the car light assembly, which leads to an increase in the decline of the car light. As far as the current technological level is concerned, the design of a single lamp 20-25w is more reasonable. Generally speaking, there are LED lights on the market that are more than 50w. If it is not falsified, it is basically the total power of a pair of bulbs.

Mistake 3

The greater the power of the LED light, the brighter it is?

It is generally believed that the greater the power of the LED, the greater the lumen, that is, the greater the luminous flux, which means that the brightness will be brighter. This is a wrong understanding. Different from other lighting fixtures, the car lights have a strong directionality. If the LED chip is not really designed to emit light at the focus of the light-emitting bowl, the efficiency of the light bulb will be low. No matter how much luminous flux is staggered in the lamp cavity, the scattered light is projected onto The road surface is very limited. Many manufacturers' wick focus design is unreasonable, so they have to make up for it by increasing the power. This kind of product design idea not only consumes energy but also increases the cost of heat dissipation, which is very undesirable. It also runs counter to the green energy-saving concept of LED.

Misunderstanding 4

Compared with halogen headlights, xenon headlights, and LED headlights, which one is more penetrating in rain and fog?

The strength of the rain and fog penetration of the lights is related to the performance of the lights. SK Electronic brand LED headlights have a strength of 125,000 candelas, xenon headlights are generally 90,000 candelas, halogen headlights are generally 50,000 candelas. Strong between 30000-70000. Therefore, only the choice of LED lamps with genuine technology can have ideal rain and fog penetration.

Misunderstanding 5

Can LED headlights be installed in all cars?

The general rate is between 70-90%. Some models have a special internal structure of the headlights, which is not suitable for installation; some H7 model lights need to be installed together with matching adaptors, so it is best to confirm with the sales staff before buying a Good car model, choose the right headlight.

Misunderstanding 6

Which one is better on the LED headlight, fan cooling, or copper belt cooling?

LED headlights were adapted fan active heat dissipation, which can achieve 20-30w optical power, the high thermal stability of the lamp, and low light attenuation, but the fan life is related to the type of brand used. The double ball-bearing fan has a long life but a high cost. Copper belt passive heat dissipation is currently only suitable for 12-14w optical power. The lamp has a low thermal stability coefficient, large light attenuation, low light flux output, and short light source life, but the life of the cooling system will be longer. Fan cooling is the mainstream, but the quality of the fans varies.

Misunderstanding 7

LED headlights, is it good to use the lamp beads of big-brand manufacturers?

It is not right 100%. The LED lamp beads of the car lights should first be selected to ensure the quality of the car grade; secondly, the physical shape of the LED lamp beads should be as consistent as possible with the length and thickness of the tungsten filament of the halogen headlights, so as to improve the efficiency of the bulb; Production of car-grade lamp beads, many manufacturers on the market are using commercial and civilian-grade big-name cheap LED lamp beads used in car lights. At present, the German OSRAM lamp beads are at a leading level in the automotive lamp industry and are expensive. The headlamps of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi cars all use the brand's lamp beads.

Misunderstanding 8

Does the LED headlight need not be decoded?

Not sure, 100%. The LED headlights are started with safe voltage and low current, and there is no high-voltage impact. As long as the drive power supply is well designed in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, it will not interfere with the original car computer of most models. However, for some cars that self-check the power of the headlights, because the halogen headlights are 55w and the LED headlights are only more than 20w, the light fault code will be displayed. Although it has nothing to do with driving safety, if you feel annoyed Use "Modified Collection" to brush the driving computer, you can decode it.

Misunderstanding 9

LED headlights, every brand is very similar?

This can be said to be the difference between heaven and earth, because the light intensity, light type, service life and ease of installation must be properly balanced. LED headlights, on many surfaces, do not look much different, but the actual differences in road surface illuminance, thermal stability coefficient, and service life are very large, so it is very expensive, and good is expensive, which makes sense.

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