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  • Upgrade High Power LED Headlight
  • Upgrade High Power LED Headlight
  • Super Bright High Power LED Headlight for Car
  • Upgrade High Power LED Headlight
  • Upgrade High Power LED Headlight
  • Super Bright High Power LED Headlight for Car

New Design Innovation SK12 High Power LED Headlight Super Bright 80W 6500K 24000LM

SKLED TECH introduces you to the innovative design and high power LED headlight of super bright LED headlights SK12 6500K 24000LM.

This manufactured product is for you if you want to upgrade your car with innovative and new design headlights!

Our innovative design of SK12 Super Bright Headlight Globes 80W LED 24000lm will help you with the following features:

Color Temperature

The color temperature of the innovation SK12 high-power LED headlight is 6500K. They have cool white color that helps you see the road clear.

Simple Installation

Our Design Innovation Upgrade SK12 Super Bright headlight globes are simple to install and require minimal labor. It will just take 10 minutes to install these, and they are exactly like halogen bulbs in a car.

Rapid Heat Reduction

We employ aviation aluminum and turbofan technology for the body, which facilitates quick heat dissipation and maintains the cooling of the LED headlight bulbs.

Super Focused Beam Pattern

Our super-focused beam pattern will help you drive safely at night. The ultra-thin chips make it stronger and more effective for producing an even beam pattern – wider angle and farther range light the road.


Our super bright headlights SK12 with new and innovative designs have 98% CANBUS working that will keep you updated about the functioning of LED headlight bulbs.

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New Design Innovation Upgrade SK12 High Power LED Headlight Super Bright H1 H7 H8 H11 H4 9005 9006 9012 80W 6500K 24000LM


Superior LED Chips

  • Super bright with 160W, 24,000LM in total, 600% brighter than halogen lamps.

Adjustable Beam

  • Adopts 360° adjustable locker ring to ensure the perfect beam pattern. Not dark spots or foggy light, not blind oncoming traffic.

Efficient Cooling System

  • Using aluminum has thermal conductivity, hollow-carved heat sink and 12,000 RPM turbofan design timely take away the heat and ensure the life of the led headlights.


Easy To Install

  • Almost 1:1 mini design as halogen, easy to install in 10 minutes without any modification.


  • Work with 98% of vehicle’s computer system without error.

Using this high quality led headlights right now

  • Provide you with a wider and clearer driving vision and ensure the safety of you and your family.


Broaden driving vision and brightness

  • Ultra slim design provides super focused light beam, effectively simulate the beam pattern of original halogen lamp and solve the problem of focusing unevenly, super focused and max light output provide a wider and further lighting area. No glare to oncoming traffic, and no dark spots ensure a safer drive.

IP 68 Waterproof Rate

  • The unique waterproof design is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, whether it is raining, snowing or heavy fog, it will not affect your happy mood at all. Install this LED headlight bulbs to start a more passionate journey.

360° Adjustable Beam

  • This LED headlight bulbs adopts 360° adjustable locker ring to enable some models to finally obtain the perfect light beam pattern.

 Products information

Product name

SK12 LED Headlight Bulb



Lamp type

Headlight/Fog Light

Color temperature 

6500k (white)


DC 9V-36V

heat dissipation

Aviation aluminum heat sink and high speed turbo fan



Beam angle






One-stop OEM/ODM service

customized packing 


laser logo on the bulb 


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