LED Headlight Bulbs

  • 9005 led xenon bulbs
  • High Power 9005 3570 60W LED Light Bulb
  • led fog lamp
  • 60w led light bulbs
  • 9005 led xenon bulbs
  • 9005 and 9006 led headlights
  • 9005 led xenon bulbs
  • High Power 9005 3570 60W LED Light Bulb
  • led fog lamp
  • 60w led light bulbs
  • 9005 led xenon bulbs
  • 9005 and 9006 led headlights

High Power 9005 3570 LED Headlight 60w 9000lm

The higher power 9005 3570 LED Headlight bulbs have a power of 60W and 9000 lumens making them extra bright and supercharged.

The distinctive features of this product for your car are:

  • Run On DC 9V-36V, 60W And 9,000lm Per 9005 Bulb, 6000kelvins
  • 0.079in The Ultra-Thin Copper Board For 360° Illumination, Which Helps You See Wider and Farther
  • Comes With Non-Polarity 9005 Hb3 LED Headlight Bulbs
  • Mini-Sized Bulbs That Fit Your Housing Perfectly and Can Be Plugged Directly into Your Original Factory Sockets
  • CANbus Ready Design and Works 99% Perfectly Fine with Automotive Vehicle

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High Power 9005 3570 Led Headlight 60w 9000lm Car Led Headlights Bulb Head Lamp Fog Light 9006 9012 Led


360° illumination

  • Ultra-thin board design effectively simulates 9005 halogen lamp’s beam pattern and solves the problem of focusing unevenly or dark area problems.

Mini lamp size

  • Almost 1:1 same size like halogen 9005 bulbs, non-polarity plugs, perfectly fit into your original 9005 light housing, no modification or damages on lihy housing or cover.

High compatibility

  • Upgraded can-bus error free design and high rated power making these 9005/HB3 led bulbs compatible with 99% of vehicles without error warnings or radio interference.

Long Lifespan

  • Whole aviation aluminum body, the built-in smart temperature control IC, powerful cooling fan and the special copper board ensure the led lamp lasting up to 30,000 hours.


Super Focused and High Light Output

  • Provide a wider and farther visible range. Clear cut-off line avoids blinding to oncoming drivers, keep you and other drivers away from danger in the dark.

360° Adjustable Beam

  • With the included L-shaped tool, convenient to make simple locker ring angle adjustments to get the expected beam pattern. No adjustments needed for most vehicles.

IP67 Waterproof

  • Waterproof and dust-proof design allow the hb3/9005 led light bulbs keep working even under extreme conditions.

Independent Intelligent Driver

  • Why do we design these 9005/hb3 led bulbs with independent driver? We aim to keep the electronic components away from the heat source for longer service time. The built-in smart IC ensures the best temperature protection and lighting performance.


Products information

Product name
LED Headlight Bulb
Lamp type
Headlight/Fog Light
Color temperature 
6000k (white)
DC 9V-20V
heat dissipation
Aviation aluminum heat sink and high speed turbo fan
Beam angle
One-stop OEM/ODM service
customized packing 
laser logo on the bulb 

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