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Best LED Headlight Bulbs K6 Proled Diamonde


  • Best LED Headlight Bulbs K6 Proled Diamonde features CSP LED chips with 50W per pair, produce 6500K xenon white 2700lumens per lamp,5400 lumens per pair, It is 200% brighter than a halogen bulb and same bright as HID headlight bulb. 2.1mm thin CSP chips to avoid any dark spots or foggy light, Lifespan>30000hrs, Best LED Headlight Bulbs SK25 Proled Diamonde housing is made from aviation-grade aluminum.


  • It is integrated with high-speed turbofan. The turbofan assists with 280-degree heat dissipation which makes Best LED Headlight Bulbs K6 Proled Diamonde lifespan are much longer than halogen bulbs.


  • Adjustable 360°rotary buckle, get the best beam pattern through simple rotary, Maintain the safety of the driving is the top priority, Best LED Headlight Bulbs K6 Proled Diamonde do not blind oncoming traffic, no glaring thanks to optimized light distribution, This LED conversion kit comes with the built-in driver.


  • Super mini size, close to the halogen design, Plug and Play, All-in-one design, apply to 95% vehicles, no more modification on headlight housing or cover.


  • We offer “12 Months” warranty and professional customer service. 
Best LED Headlight Bulbs K6 Proled Diamonde


Brightness increased by 300%
Anti-off buckle
Flame retardant cable
Third-class heat and electricity circulation
Easy to install


2019 China suppliers 50W 1860 Chips LED car headlights


Applicable to 98% automobile models in the market

No need to change the dust cover of the original automobile

Small size and convenient installation to make customers feel easy to change. No need to influence the original cable management if choosing the right model.


Double side light: 6pcs LED Chips

LED Chip interval: No gap and be more concentrated light

High watt: Single one 25W

High Lumen: Single one 2700LM


Cost high to adopt the Luminous sealing technology: Sealing of LED chip can protect the chip and be more bright.


When at the same watt, The less LED Chips, the light would be more concentrated.

Smaller the LED chip gap is, the light would be brighter and more concentrated.


No need to change the original cable management

Play and plug; User-friendly installation


Nanograde waterproof and dust-proof

No need to worry about the short circuit in rainy days and suitable for all kinds of weathers

Can handle multi kinds of bad situations


Intelligent thermal solution and long lifespan

Pure copper, aviation aluminum and smart fan

Multi-effects thermal solution design


All-in-one design and internal drive

SKLED K6 Buckle base and plug similar to original lamp ones

Plug and Play


Applicable to many kinds of scenes

Life matters most, safety means everything


Can handle every kind of bad weathers without worry of weak lights

Light Source Model

Each bulb has 8 pieces high power CSP LED chips

Housing Material

We use environmentally friendly and high-quality aluminum to produce

Item No.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs K6 Proled Diamonde


Built-in drive

Available Model

H/L: H4

Single: H1、H3、H7、H11、9005、9006、9012、H16、880

Working Temperature

-40°C~ +80°C



DC 9-16V (fit 12V vehicles)

Beam Angle



50W/set (25Watts Per Bulb)


Up to 30,000hours

Color Temperature

6500K white color

IP Rating

IP65, In short time soaking and long-term wet

conditions, the car light still work


5400LM/set (2,700LM Per Bulb)


12 months

Input (A)

1.923amps Power Draw at 13VDC Per Bulb