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LED Headlight Bulbs

Super Bright LED Headlights F2

Cutting-Edge LED Chip Technology

  • We challenge you to find another bulb on the market that produces as much light as the F2 while still retaining a perfect beam pattern! The F2 LED headlight bulbs to utilize the newest multi-core LED chip styles that feature one long crystal over the entire diode array to create a seamless light output source.

The NLW1860CV2 chips are based on XD14 technology developed by CREE

  • This custom-designed LED chip has no light gap between diodes which gives it a closer function compared to the original filament bulb, thus achieving a greater beam accuracy that works best in any headlight or fog light housing.

Thermal Management

  • The F2 LED headlight bulbs are built from the highest quality aluminum material originally designed for aircraft and spacecraft applications. This material has amazing heat dissipation qualities as well as is 100% corrosion resistance in automotive applications.

High-speed double ball bearing micro-fan

  • On the bottom of the heat sink lies a high-speed double ball bearing micro-fan that is fully submersible and waterproof! If the fan stops working, the sophisticated thermal management system inside the bulb will dim the headlight until it is safe to use.

Can be up to 6x brighter than your original bulbs, even at 50% power

  • They will still be safe to use on the street in most situations. The heavy-duty LED bulb power driver has a built-in smart fan circuit that ramps up the speed of the cooling fan as necessary so it’s as quiet as possible when it can be.

Super Bright LED Headlights F2


Compact Design: Most LED headlight bulbs that use a fan-based active cooling system are known for not being small or easy to fit inside headlight housings with a dust cover. The SK31 is designed to be as compact as possible.

– The mounting depth is 20-25mm on most bulb variants, low profile enough to fit even the most demanding of spaces! The heat sink/fan diameter is only 39mm! The LED driver on this bulb is larger than the previous generation, but it is still the right size to fit inside most headlight housings comfortably. 



– 31Watts per bulb custom CREE-Style technology LED chips.

– The safe working temperature of up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit! Don’t worry about these high-temp LED chips failing from overheating.360 degree adjustable mounting collar for unlimited clocking/alignment options. This will allow you to achieve the best, most perfect beam pattern.

– Aluminum film (135% more heat dissipation over ADC12 Aluminum)

– Integrated Heat Pipe Design with low profile integrated heat sink fan.

– Weatherproof Construction and Shock Proof, CANBUS-Compatible Driver.

– Dimming: The SK31 bulbs dim less and less bright until they turn off at 8V DC.

– DRL: If the DRL function is lower than 8V DC, the bulbs will just not turn on at all. But if they use CANBUS or PWM at 12V DC they will work normally.

– CANBUS: Some vehicles use CANBUS function to monitor and control your headlight and fog light bulbs. The SK31 has a slightly larger LED driver than normal because the CANBUS anti-flicker and anti-error circuitry is built in! No external components should be needed to install these bulbs with a CANBUS-Equipped vehicle.

– Easy plug and play installation.

– 1-year warranty.


Technical Specifications:

– 31Watts Per Bulb.

– 3,600 Lumen Per Bulb.

– 2.385amps Power Draw at 13VDC Per Bulb.

– LED Chips custom designed specifically for this bulb application.

– Input voltage: 9-16V DC.

– Color temperature: 6,500K.

– Aluminum film.

– Waterproof: IP 65.


Light Source Modelcustom CREE-Style technology LED chipsHousing MaterialAll in one aluminum film, 360 degrees rotated socket
Item No.Super Bright LED Headlights F2DriverBuilt-in intelligent automatic temperature controller 
Available ModelH/L: H4、9004、9007、H13
Single: H1、H7、H11、9005、9006、9012、H16
Working Temperature-40°C~ +80°C
VoltageDC 9-16V (fit 12V vehicles)Beam Angle280°
Power62W/set (31Watts Per Bulb)LifespanUp to 30,000hours
Color TemperaturePure White 6,500KIP RatingIP65
Lumens/Kit7200LM/set (3,600LM Per Bulb)Warranty 12months
Input (A)2.385amps Power Draw at 13VDC Per Bulb