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5 tips to teach you how to know the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights

5 tips to teach you how to know the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights


Regarding the automotive lighting market, from the front end market, aftermarket to car refitting, it is now the outbreak period of LED car headlights. However, the products on the market are mixed together with good and bad, causing distributors and consumers to often get hurt by the bad quality products.

Below share with you some ways how to know good LED lights

One, Aging test in the high temperature

In general, the car assembly temperature can reach 85-95 degrees in summer. So you can gradually adjust the temperature from 85 degrees upward, do destructive testing, to see how many degrees are reached in the extremely high-temperature resistance of products from different manufacturers. At this time, the electronic materials of the driver are often incapable of bursting at high temperatures, resulting in the lamp body not bright.

the higher the temperature resistance, the better the product quality is.

Two, Feeling the temperature by touching the lamp.

You can find the lamp is good or bad by touching it if without any professional testing equipment fo the copper-aluminum heat sink, or an aluminum band heat sink, or a fan heat-dissipating LED lamp. After the lamp is lighting for about 10 minutes and is stable, touch the product with a lower temperature to feel it, says that its heat dissipation performance is better, the heat brought by the lamp bead is fully dissipated, and the stability of product quality can be ensured. And lifespan. However, pay special attention when touching the lamp body with your hands. The temperature at different locations is very different. You must follow the steps when touching to be careful of high-temperature burns. The specific operations are as follows:

Three, Measure junction temperature

The thermometer is mainly used to measure the temperature of the led chip which is the light source. The value of The junction temperature of the LED chips is different for different brands of LED Chips. In general, the junction temperature of domestic LED Chips is generally 120-130 ℃, and the junction temperature of imported LED Chips is about 150-170 ℃. When the LED car lights are lighting and stable, it shows that the temperature of the domestic LED Chips is controlled between 90-100℃, the temperature of the imported LED Chips can be controlled within 130 ℃, and the lower the temperature shows, the longer the product have. The test method is as follows:

Four, Detection of light efficiency value.

Did photometric effect under the same conditions (the same of lamp cup or assembly and test distance and test equipment), install the LED car lights in the lamp cup or assembly, light the test wall after lighting, and read its different position through the illuminance instrument Data, the higher the data, the higher the luminous efficacy value, and the better the actual loading and lighting effect. For different powers' LED car lights, you need to compare the data of unit luminous efficacy values ​​by conversion (average 1W /? LUX), the higher the data, the better the effect. The test method and conversion method are as follows:

Test illuminance value / actual power = average illuminance value.

Five, Choose LED Chips

At present, The main types of LED Chips of led car lights are as follows:

COB LED chips are normal stable quality and light pattern is normal. COB has the advantage of prices.

Linear flip LED Chips and LED Chips with a small lens have a good focused light beam, and the technology is relatively mature and stable, but paving and irradiation width are its disadvantages. The performance of different manufacturers and brands varies greatly. It is recommended to choose famous brand LED Chips products. However, the products of famous brands have not cost performance.

CSP LED Chips is the latest flip technology of LED chips, has obvious advantages, is thinner and more focused, the light path is wider and thicker, and the light is soft and not dazzling. But not every LED manufacturer can manufacture products with CSP technology, especially high-power CSP LED chips. There are few companies that can flip and produce by themselves. Moreover, the CSP LED chip has high technological content, and it needs to be protected during production and use. (Pictured):

All above is to provide you with a way of know products from a technical point of view. In fact, you still need to choose satisfied LED Car Lights according to your own situation.

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